Commercial Collection & Services


The Solid Waste Division provides trash collection services to commercial businesses and multi-family residential communities. Dumpsters are services using Front-end loading vehicles, specially designed to pick up dumpsters.

  • Dumpsters (City issued) - 2, 4, 6, and 8-yard

Fore more information on cost and the specific type of trash collection service to best meet your needs, call the Public Works Department at (772) 467-3795 and ask to speak to an commercial account representative.

Collection Times - Commercial collection occurs between 4:30 am and 3:00pm (we cannot guarantee a set time).  Keep in mind, a driver may arrive earlier or later than normal on any given week.

Container Access - Your container location must be approved by Solid Waste; any location changes must be performed by Solid Waste.  To ensure collection, please have your container accessible and available prior to 4:30 am on your designated collection day.  This includes:

  • opening gates
  • completely removing locks and chains
  • clearing the area of vehicles or other blockages
  • removing waste, debris and anything else required to make the container accessible for dumping

DUMPSTER RATES: Rates are based on the size and number of dumpsters as well as the frequency of service.

Commercial Rules & Regulations - view the full listing.

Holiday Pick-ups: On Thanksgiving and Christmas, we make sure to service your container the day before or the day after your regular scheduled service day.

Dumpster Rate graphic
Full listing of rates: Bulk and Commercial Rates