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"Next Stop Fort Pierce" Podcast

The City of Fort Pierce has launched a new podcast, "Next Stop Fort Pierce." This informative series is dedicated to keeping our community informed about the numerous advantages that a Brightline train stop could bring to Fort Pierce, St. Lucie County, and the entire Treasure Coast region.

The "Next Stop Fort Pierce" podcast delves into the potential positive impacts of having a Brightline train stop within our city limits. From bolstering economic development and creating job opportunities to enhancing connectivity and fostering community growth, each episode will shed light on the transformative benefits that a Brightline stop could offer. 

In the upcoming episodes, listeners can expect to hear from local experts, community leaders, business owners, and residents who will share their insights and perspectives on how a Brightline train stop can contribute to the continued progress and prosperity of Fort Pierce.  

The podcast episodes are available on the City’s social media platforms, and residents are encouraged to tune in, stay informed, and actively participate in the conversation. The City of Fort Pierce looks forward to constructive dialogue as we explore the exciting prospects that a Brightline train stop could bring to our vibrant community. 

For the "Next Stop Fort Pierce" podcast, please visit and follow us on for more updates! 

Brightline Fort Pierce Proposal

Brightline Survey

The City of Fort Pierce recently released a survey to gather the community’s perspectives on the potential Brightline train stop in Fort Pierce. This survey served as a crucial tool to understand the views and preferences of our community members regarding this proposed transportation initiative.

 Understanding Public Opinion: The survey aimed to gauge residents' views, helping understand community support or concerns regarding the proposed Brightline train stop.

 Evaluating Benefits: The city can analyze survey data to identify potential benefits important to the community, such as improved transportation options and economic opportunities.

 Addressing Concerns: Any concerns raised in the survey will be noted and addressed, fostering transparency and collaboration with residents.

 Decision-Making: Survey findings can guide the City Commission and administration in discussions and decisions regarding the potential Brightline stop, ensuring alignment with the community's interests.

Ultimately, by receiving input from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders, the goal was to gather valuable insights that will assist in the City’s decision-making process and ensure that any potential developments align with the needs and priorities of our community. The City of Fort Pierce appreciates the community’s participation as we work together to shape the future of Fort Pierce.

Brightline Survey Results