Youth Award Recognition Program

City of Fort Pierce Youth Award Recognition Program


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  • Youth Award Recognition Program Overview

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    2. Overview

      As our communities are committed to providing different outlets and opportunities, this award recognition program will showcase talents, celebrate achievements, and highlight the positive impact of the efforts of our local youth. Youth, who have performed above and beyond and excelled in the following categories:

      1. Innovator Award
      2. Beyond the View
      3. Humanitarian Award
      4. Visionary Award
      5. Role Model Award
      6. Student-Athlete Award

      The Youth Award Recognition will be awarded to youth who have shown exceptional achievements and have been identified as being clearly outstanding. 

      Requests for Nominations

      Area Schools, sports organizations, youth organizations, faith-based organizations, service clubs, community organizations, parents, business owners, or others who know a young person who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding achievements are requested to submit nominations using the nomination form. Nominations must contain details and examples with supporting documentation of the achievements and activities of the nominated youth as well as evidence of compliance with eligibility, general and specific criteria established in the award guidelines. Winners are selected based on a recommendation by the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee is comprised of the City of Fort Pierce Youth Council. The awards will be presented in June and December of the current year. 

      Individuals and organizations are requested to submit nominations via the online nomination form no later than the published deadline.  For further details on the nomination process contact Audria Moore at or call 772.467.3184.

      The City of Fort Pierce reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination or to cancel the nomination process and reject all nominations, at any time prior to presenting the awards

      Award Guidelines


      • Nominees must reside in the City of Fort Pierce.
      • Nominees must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher.
      • Nominees must be in middle or high school.
      • Nominees’ parents or guardians must provide proof of address. 
      • Nominees must be of good character.
      • Nominees’ qualifications must meet the award eligibility criteria.

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