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2023 State of the City Address:

The State of the City Address for 2023 was jointly presented to the citizens of Fort Pierce by Mayor Linda Hudson, Commissioner Curtis Johnson, Jr., Commissioner Michael Broderick, Commissioner Arnold Gaines, and Commissioner Jeremiah Johnson.

2022 was a remarkable year for the City of Fort Pierce with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  In the face of a worldwide pandemic, a changing climate, and a growing economy, we demonstrated resilience, innovation, and unity.   We also recognized and celebrated the City’s diverse community, rich cultural heritage, and beautiful natural environment.

Some of the highlights of this year include:

  • Launching a free, on-demand, and 100% electric transportation service that connects residents and visitors to key destinations in the City.
  • Hosting the annual Florida Highwaymen Festival, which honors the world-renown African American landscape artists who started their careers in Fort Pierce in the 1950s.
  • Completing the renovation of the Percy Peek Gymnasium, which provides a state-of-the-art facility for sports, recreation, and community events.
  • Expanding the City’s solar energy capacity, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers utility costs.
  • Partnering with local businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions to create more jobs, support entrepreneurship, and enhance workforce development.

The vision for the future of Fort Pierce is bold, inclusive and sustainable, a vision that capitalizes on the City’s strengths while addressing the City’s challenges and embracing opportunities, a vision that captures the City’s values, aspirations and potential.

Here are some of the initiatives that we will pursue in 2024 and beyond:

  • Developing a comprehensive master plan for the downtown area, which will revitalize the City’s historic core, attract new investments and enhance livability.
  • Implementing a smart city strategy, which will leverage technology and data to improve the City’s public services, infrastructure and quality of life.
  • Establishing a cultural arts district, which will showcase the City’s local talent, promote creative expression and foster tourism.
  • Creating a climate action plan, which will set ambitious goals and strategies to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  • Strengthening the City’s social fabric, which will foster civic engagement, social justice and equity among all segments of the population.

Department Mission

To deliver governmental services to the citizens of Fort Pierce in an efficient and professional manner, to remain cognizant of the City’s regional context and proactively plan and maintain productive regional relationships, and ensure that Fort Pierce's distinctive character and culture are preserved.

Department Description

The City Manager is the chief executive and administrative head of the municipal government and is responsible to the Commission for the proper administration of all affairs of the City of Fort Pierce. He exercises general supervision and control over all city departments, except the offices of the City Clerk, City Attorney, and the City’s Independent Auditor. 

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