Fleet Maintenance Division

Division Responsibilities

Our functions include procurement and dispensing of gasoline and diesel fuel, which is an integral role of this division. In addition to the City of Fort Pierce vehicles and equipment, the Fleet Maintenance refueling site serves as a remote refueling station.


Functional Responsibilities

  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles & equipment
  • Procurement, storage and distribution of safety equipment, parts and equipment
  • Manage and coordinate repairs on vehicles involved in traffic accidents & vandalism
  • Coordinate tire repair for field service vehicles and normal replacement due to wear.

Fleet Inventory

The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains a fleet of approximately 280 tagged and insured vehicles, with countless pieces of small and heavy equipment. Our fleet ranges in size from zero-turn mowers to large sewer suckers, and everything in between including pickup trucks, police cars, tractors, loaders, and dump trucks.

Additionally, we are responsible for the acquisition and disposal of all city vehicles and equipment, development of specifications before purchase, and the submission of requisitions for procurement.