Professional Standards Bureau

The Professional Standards Division is commanded by Major Steve Courtoy and is comprised of the Internal Affairs Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, Crime Prevention unit and Juvenile Diversion . The Professional Standards Division Commander reports directly to the Chief of Police.

Internal Affairs Unit

Provides a systematic, objective, and impartial method of investigating complaints of improper behavior that may violate department or city rules and regulations by police officers or other personnel. As part of the division’s functions, the Internal Affairs Unit reviews all departmental policies and procedures to ensure fairness and consistency in the investigative process regarding personnel complaints. The unit is also responsible for tracking all personnel complaints, administrative investigations, and oversees the random employee drug testing program.

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit gathers and analyzes trends in crime and gang activity within the City of Fort Pierce. This unit functions as a support service to the Fort Pierce Police Department in both tactical and strategic intelligence, disseminating this information to the proper enforcement unit.

Criminal Intelligence: The analysts provide a systematic examination of information in order to assist operational and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities. Crime analysts are also responsible for aiding the investigative process, and increasing apprehensions and the clearance of cases.

Since the department initiated Intelligence Led Policing, the crime analysts have become vital to its data analysis, application and report preparation. Intelligence Led Policing leverages intelligence to drive operational response and measure performance.

Gang Intelligence: Through the routine assessments of information concerning gangs and their associates, information is kept up to date and disseminated to law enforcement

Juvenile Diversion

Officer Daniela Dreizehnter is assigned as a juvenile specialist and her main focus is on the expansion of intervention and prevention activities for children in the FPRA area.

In addition, the department adopted a Juvenile Diversion Program by following the successful model used by the Port St. Lucie Police Department. The program is designed to allow first time misdemeanor juvenile offenders the opportunity to participate in a peer review process instead of being criminally prosecuted. The panel recommends punishment that may include writing a narrative, community service, curfew, etc. In addition, Officer Dreizehnter may mentor, counsel or recommend professional counselling. The program also designed to allow swift and certain punishment, thereby avoiding lengthy court proceedings, which does not always result in punishment for first time offenders.

For more information contact Detective Daniela Dreizehnter call (772) 467-6800 or Email her by filling out this form.

To contact the Professional Standards Division, please call:

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