TNVR - Community Cats

The City of Fort Pierce City was the first jurisdiction on the Treasure Coast to adopt and implement a TNVR program and allow for "community cats".

TNVR stands for Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return. Feral cats are trapped and taken to a local veterinarian. The cat is sterilized (either spayed or neutered), receives a rabies vaccination and is implanted with a microchip. While under anesthesia, the tip of the cat's ear is removed, which is call "ear-tipping", to readily identify that the cat has gone through the TNVR program.

Once a cat has visited the vet, the cat is returned to its outdoor home, where it was originally trapped, to continue its normal life. 

If you are aware of a colony of cats or have stray cats in your neighborhood, please contact the Animal Control Division for information on how to obtain a community cat certificate and a trap.

You may also contact Operation SOS directly at to rent a trap.