All Prices Are Subject to Change


DAILY:     Vessels up to 67’ - $3.00 per foot – Boat U.S. rate $2.75 per foot

                    68’ or larger vessels including Catamarans with 18’ beams or greater 

                    $3.90 per foot / per day (Weekly rate: $2.25) 

                    $1.50 per foot / per day Catamarans 3rd - LOS


30-amp:           $6.00 per night - each cord   

50-amp:           Single Phase $10.00 per night – each cord

Over 50 ft        Single Phase $14.00 per night – each cord

100 amps:        Single Phase $30.00 per night – each cord

110 volt:          $3.00 per night


1st – 2nd Week - $2.00 per foot per day (25’ min. 7 Days min.)Picture4 

3rd – 16th Weeks - $1.00 per foot per day (25’ min.)    

5 – 11 Months* - $19.00 per foot (per month) Floating $19.75

*First, last, and security deposit due upon arrival 5 months or longer 


Long Term Dockage $18.00 per foot (not available at this time)

Dockage Cancellation Fee:   If the reservation is not canceled within the following time-frames, ahead of the reservation arrival date, the dockage fee for that reservation shall be assessed accordingly:

                     Daily:              (24) twenty-four hours notice / one day assessed

                     Weekly:          (48) forty-eight hours notice / two days assessed

                     Monthly:        (7) seven days notice / four days assessed

                     Seasonal:        (14) fourteen days notice / seven days assessed

Service Fees:            

Electric                        30 amp        $1.00 per foot / per month

Water                              Under 49’    $2.00 per foot / per month / 50 amp cord

Garbage                          50’ – 69’       $3.00 per foot / per month / 50 amp cord

Mail receiving                70’ - 80’        $4.00 per foot / per month / per 50 amp cord  

                                                                  $8.00 per foot / per month / per 100 amp cord

                                         81’ – 125’     $7.00 per foot / per month / per 50 amp cord

                                                                $8.00 per foot / per month / per 100 amp cord

                                         110 volt       $  .50 per foot / per month

Transient water tank fill fee:  Small tank up to 50 gallons $8.00 + tax     Large tank over 50 gallons $12.00 + tax

**Excessive use of water will result in additional fees** (over 2,000 gallons fee $.04 per gallon) 

Moore’s Creek Docks          $14.00 ft (plus utilities & electricity)

$175.00 Live-aboard Fee (2 people)      $ 25.00 each additional person max 4

Plus, Utilities (30’ minimum)

**Docks A, B, C – max of six months permitted**

**30’ minimum for Live-aboard availability**       Two Free pump-outs per month

MAIL            Any person(s) utilizing the City Marina address for mail, will be charged a liveaboard fee of  $175.00 per month.  We recommend tenants 

                       utilizing the UPS Store for mail and packages located at 2301 Okeechobee Road, Fort Pierce, FL 34950 (approx.. 2 miles west)  


PACKAGESPackages can be picked up after 1:00 p.m. Cannot exceed more than 6 per month, a service fee of $5.00 per package will be accessed monthly. Non-Tenant will be charged $5.00 per package. Packages cannot be left in the package room for more than 5 days or will be returned to the sender or accessed for a $5.00 fee per package. Packages cannot weigh more than 50 lbs and no batteries of any sort.   

Any businesses on the property must be approved by Marina Management and must provide City tax receipts and insurance.  


Business Interest:   A maximum of 8 businesses are permitted on site. If space is available, any business interest must be approved by the marina 

                                 manager and must provide city tax receipts and insurance after approval.


KEY FEE                         $25.00 per key for non-return of issued key or replacement key.


SPLITTER RENTAL     1ST Day FREE, $3.00 each additional day, 

                                          $250.00 if not returned or if returned damaged - CC on file required


PUMP OUTS                   $5.00 Each Pump Out

DINGHY TIE-UP (FREE)  Shower $7.50 pp, Garbage drop-off free, Water tanks fill-up $.04 gallon

Special Accommodation Slip Request:

*Contractor Work $1.00 per foot up to 6 Hours

*Lunch/Dinner Boat Slip $10.00 for up to 3 Hours / $5.00 for each additional hour

STAFF LABOR              $65.00 / Hour Basic Labor; Emergency or after-hours $95.00/Hour 

                    Equipment use $100.00 (i.e. pumps, electrical cords)


 **Northside Marina Parking Lot will be charged for a designated space at $50.00 a month per space**

CONTRACTORS           ALL contractors are REQUIRED to be approved by the marina office before entry on any dock and MUST provide current proof of insurance naming the Fort Pierce City Marina as additional insured.


MANDATORY - Insurance naming the Fort Pierce City Marina as additional insured with limits of $300,000 liability, $1,000,000 commercial is due upon request or before arrival.


Departure before the 15th of the month is charged for ½ the month – after the 15th of the month is charged for the full month.



*Overnight discounts are available for Boat US or SeaTow members*

     Gas/Diesel Discount:

          Regular pricing is $.05 off up to 100 gallons; 

$.10 off over 100 gallons

                    $.15 off 1,000 gallons or greater.

Hurricane Guidelines – Please refer to the Hurricane/Insurance policy.     



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