Sea Level Rise

NASA Florida


This dramatic demonstration shows how Florida’s low topography makes it vulnerable to flooding associated with storm surges and sea level rise. 

Visit NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for more details.

Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Dock under water

As sea level rises, waves won’t submerge your house or your community all at once.  

The first signs will be:

  • Increased damage from hurricanes and even high tides.
  • Flooding will become more frequent.  
  • Coastlines and beaches will erode and recede.

These things are already happening. Read more at the Smithsonian.

king tides

Sea Level is on the Rise


Use NOAA’s Sea Level Rise Viewer to visualize potential local impacts from sea level rise.

Get more information about Sea Level Rise by watching the below videos from NOAA:

Global vs. Local Sea Level

Sea Levels on the Move