Zoning / Property Search

Find Your Property's Zoning Category Online

Find out how the City of Fort Pierce categorizes property into zoning districts and how these categories indicate how property can be used and developed.

Fort Pierce city code covers property located within the city limits. Check to see if your property is in the city of Fort Pierce and how it's zoned using the property locator below. 

How to use the property locator: 

  1. Enter your address in the "Site Address" field
  2. Once your address is located, select the "Map" button on the left hand side of the screen.  Verify the jurisdiction is Fort Pierce. Important:  If the jurisdiction is outside the City of Fort Pierce, please contact the correct municipality.
  3. Click on the "Map" drop down arrow located on the gray bar at the top-right portion of the screen. 
  4. Click on layers.  Be sure the "Map Layers" box is checked.  Click on the arrow to the right to expand "Map Layers".
  5. Check the "FP Zoning" box. You will see an outline of the shaded property along with the zoning for that particular shade. The zoning is shown in black lettering.  (Ex. R-4)

Find Your Property's Use

Verify how property in the City of Fort Pierce can be used and what can be built on it. Development standards include setbacks, height limit, density/intensity, and impervious surface ratio (ISR). For Planned Development (PD) zoning standards, contact the Planner on Duty at 772.467.3737 or e-mail planning_dl@cityoffortpierce.com.

Important: This information only indicates allowed use categories. To develop your property, you will need to comply with other city codes, such as zoning overlays, sufficient parking and green space, before requesting building permits. Planning staff, public review boards andCity Council may also have to review your plans. Please contact the Planner on Duty at 772.467.3737.