The 2020 FPRA Community Redevelopment Plan builds upon the previous accomplishments of the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency. These successes include the restoration of the Fort Pierce Marina, the beautification and development of Moore’s Creek, restoration of the Sunrise Theatre and the rehabilitation for redevelopment of the former HD King Power Plant site. The 2020 FPRA Plan update addresses contemporary challenges to investment and redevelopment within the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Area, identifies targeted investment areas and provides a vision for the continuing redevelopment of the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Area. 

The Fort Pierce Community Redevelopment Plan presents a four (4) point Action Plan that focuses on: 

  • Restoring the Neighborhoods within the Redevelopment Area; 
  • Fostering Arts and Culture; 
  • Re-Setting the Economic Base of the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Area; and, 
  • Connecting neighborhoods, destinations and employment centers.