Building Permit Procedures and Submittal Checklists

Permit Submittal Changes 

Effective October 1, 2021

Notice: For all permits except for a/c changeouts, water heater installations, residential water re-piping, and electrical service repairs, prior to submitting a building permit, you may be required to obtain development permit compliance review (DPCR) approval. Read the attached article for more information.

The below checklists will help determine if a DPCR approval is required. Some checklist's reference the Historic District or the Architectural Design Area, please use the links provided to assist in making a determination if the property is within these designated areas.

Historic Districts

Architectural Design Areas

When submitting for a DPCR, the following documentation is required:

  • A DPCR Application, submitted in-person or via email to
  • Documentation needed for each department review (see checklist for additional information)
  • Signed and sealed plans (If applicable).
  • A copy of the DPCR application and electronic version of the plans are also required to be submitted.
  • Electronic versions may be submitted by CD or uploading through Core Share.
  • If uploading to Core Share, contact the Building Department and an upload link will be sent via email.

At your request, the Building Department can make additional copies of electronic submittals on CD for $5 per CD.