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Customer Service Feedback Form

  1. Was our staff professional and eager to assist you in a timely manner?*

  2. Was our staff knowledgeable regarding the requirements and procedures necessary to address your concern or need?*

  3. Did our staff offer potential solutions to your concern or need?*

  4. Were your needs met and your questions answered?*

  5. If the person serving you was unable to address your concern or need, were you directed to the appropriate person or other City division?*

  6. The information or assistance I was seeking was clearly provided to me. *

  7. City staff provided helpful suggestions and information to advance my project.*

  8. City staff were responsive and prompt in responding to emails, calls and inquiries.*

  9. Overall, the service I received was excellent.*

  10. Would you like to be contacted by someone on our staff about your experience?

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