City Clerk

Department Mission

The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is to provide excellence in customer service. We serve as the repository of the official records of the City of Fort Pierce and as such, provide proper and adequate access to those records by the public. Our goal is to promote a business friendly atmosphere whereby businesses can expect timely processing of applications for business tax receipts and contractor licensing as well as any general inquiries.

City Clerk Duties

  • Preparation and publication of all Commission agenda and meeting minutes
  • Administration of oaths required by City and State Law
  • Preparation, execution and distribution of Proclamations, Resolutions and Ordinances
  • Administration of all municipal elections
  • Serves as Public Records Custodian for the City
  • Oversees updating and publishing of the Code of Ordinances
  • Provides for legal advertisements
  • Keeps official files of ordinances, resolutions, agreements and deeds
  • Oversees city-wide retention of official records
  • Issuance and collection of business tax receipts and contractor licensing
  • Maintain current appointments to City boards and committees
  • Provides staff support to the Mayor and Commissioners

Official Files

Official files are kept for all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and deeds. The City Clerk advises and oversees departments on citywide retention of official records.

Business Tax Receipts

The City Clerk issues all business tax receipts (formerly known as occupational license), animal licenses, and contractor competency cards.