What types of businesses qualify?

Businesses that were impacted by the Governor’s Executive Order requiring industries to close.

*    Defined impacted eligible industries include:

•    Restaurant (includes full-service, limited-service, and café establishments)

•    Bar

•    Retail (physical brick-and-mortar establishment selling merchandise)

•    Personal Service

•    Hair, beauty, and other personal services (salons, barbers, massage parlors, tattoo, spas, etc.)

•    Personal care services (child, disabled, & elderly care services, funeral services, etc.)

•    Laundry services (dry cleaning, laundromats, garment repairs and alterations, etc.)

•    Cleaning services

•    Pet care services

•    Personal and household goods repairs & maintenance

•    Fitness centers and gyms

•    Event spaces & services

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1. What are the COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grants?
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3. Who is eligible to receive assistance?
4. What requirements do I need to meet in order to qualify?
5. What types of businesses qualify?