Commercial Dumpster Guidelines

COMMERCIAL SANITATION SERVICE is administered according to the rules and regulations listed below. To help us provide safe and efficient sound solid waste collection services to your commercial establishment, the City of Fort pierce Solid Waste Division requests that you follow the procedures.

  • The container must not be loaded past lid closing capacity and nothing can be put into the container that will prevent other items inside from falling out while being serviced. If it is loaded past the lid or packed too tightly, it may not be emptied by our driver.
  • If the container is frequently overloaded, the city reserves the right to do a volume check on your container to determine whether to increase the number of collections per week.
  • Nothing can be put into the container that will prevent other items inside from falling out.
  • Prohibited Materials / Building materials not accepted includes construction debris of any kind, pallets, shingles, drywall, wood, tree trunks, plaster, concrete, tiles, dirt, bricks, rocks, paint (wet), mattresses, bulky furniture, tires, drums, dead animals and other bulky items must NOT be put into the dumpster.
  • Hazardous waste must not be placed inside the dumpster containers.
  • Commercial refuse must be drained of all liquids before being placed for collection.
  • Containers that are inaccessible due to obstructive parking or other reasons beyond the control of the Solid Waste Division may result in non-collection. Clear access to the container is the responsibility of the customer. The container is placed in a location as determined by the city. The customer shall not move the container. 
  • Container Access - To ensure collection, please have your container accessible and available prior to 4:30 AM on your designated collection day. This includes opening both gates, completely removing locks and chains, clearing the area of vehicles or other blockages, removing waste, debris and anything else required to make the container accessible for dumping.
  • The area around the container must be maintained and kept free of debris and litter. Any accumulations of boxes, trash or pallets left on or around the refuse container will not be collected. Break down cardboard boxes to save storage space. 
  • A Special Pick-up (an added fee) is required for excess material/items outside the commercial dumpster i.e., furniture, appliances, mattresses, cabinets or any oversized bulk items. The charge for this service varies depending upon the volume of the items (refer to commercial rates @ These items must NOT be placed in the dumpster.
  • If a “Special Pick-up” or an extra collection is needed, please call (772) 467-3000 at least 24 hours in advance so that our driver may be notified. If an extra collection is necessary, you will receive an extra charge on your utility bill for the following month. 
  • Commercial services do not include bulk horticulture/yard debris collection. Limited bulk horticulture can be collected inside the dumpster. Small yard waste (leaves, limbs & palm fronds) may be collected inside the dumpster, excludes tree trunks and oversized yard waste. Curbside collection is not provided.
  • Commercial refuse must be drained of all liquids before being placed in the container.
  • ALL wet garbage and food materials shall be placed in a securely tied plastic bag before being placed inside the container to prevent unsanitary conditions and avoid strewn or blown around refuse.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the inside of the dumpster free of spilled liquids and garbage. Please note that it is not the driver’s duty to pick-up spilled or loose content nor is its Solid Waste responsibility to clean containers.
  • The driver is not required to wait any length of time for the customer to clear access if the container is blocked by a vehicle or any other blockage. If the container is blocked and you require a pick-up before the next scheduled collection, you will be charged for a special pick-up.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.