Veterans Memorial Park

About the Project

This project implements numerous BMPs (Best Management Practices) to clean the stormwater run-off from the 44.1 acre drainage basin previously discharging, untreated, into the Indian River Lagoon. The first step in this clean-up is diverting the run-off into control structures which then permits discharge into one of four bio-swales. A bio-swale consists of gently sloped banks and a wide, shallow lime-rocked bottom and acts a landscaped element designed to remove pollutants by allowing solids to settle. The banks are planted with vegetation and rip-rap and the bottom of the swale is lined with 6" - 8" diameter limestone rip-rap atop a drainfield rock base. Once through the bio-swale, stormwater enters a deep cell lake for further treatment. Treatment in the lake includes additional settlement and the introduction of increased oxygen levels via aeration fountains which aid in the treatment of organics and nitrogen. Once the lake reaches the control elevation discharge through a control structure will occur. Another treatment component introduced into the park's BMPs is the utilization of pervious sidewalks and parking areas which allow water to filter through several layers of rock and sand and eliminated the majority of stormwater run-off from these features. BMPs are expected to remove from the water annually: 100% of all lead and zinc, 877 lbs of TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 3 lbs of TP (Total Phosphorus), 18 lbs of TN (Total Nitrogen) and 90 lbs of BO (Biodegradable Organics), removal of pesticides and herbicides are also achieved.

Veterans Park Conceptual Plan